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Argyl is the company that I co-founded with Manfred Dardenne. This is a small consulting firm specializing in software develoment for web 2.0 projects.

Located in the French Alps (Grenoble - Isère), Argyl supports companies that have web 2.0-flavoured projects by offering its technological know-how and its capacity of transforming a rough idea into a working system at a fast pace.

Argyl’s offering puts the emphasis on

  • Mashups combining Web 2.0 ingredients like Javascript libraries (Google Maps, YUI, Prototype, ...),
  • Rich User Interfaces, HTML-based, CSS-styled, AJAX-driven,
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails,
  • The principles and practices of Agile Software Development as described by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and implemented by XP: customer-driven development, (talented) people first, just-enough processes, continuous integration, unit testing, iterative development.

Both company founders have a solid background in Java, MySQL, security (TLS, SSL, authentication, access control) and search engine technologies (Sphinx, Ferret).We're now fluent in Ruby and Rails

We can contribute in all the essential phases of your web software lifecycle, from gathering requirements to deploying the application on the appropriate infrastructure.

Our recent engagements include

  • Developing Conversation™, a social media marketing application proposed by eCairn Inc.. Based on Ruby, RoR, MySQL, Sphinx, Webistrano, ...
  • Recruiting and coaching for a billboard management company on a cartographic application. Uses Google Maps and Yahoo UI.


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